User’s Guide for Scandinavian Links


I have kept all the Scandinavian Links on one long page so that you can use your browser’s “Find” button to search for a keyword that may occur in several countries’ sections. With one long page, the loading time will in most cases range from 20 seconds to 1.5 minutes, but once the page is loaded, you will be able to move quickly to any section and to search the whole page at once. If you will have occasion to use the links page frequently, you can always save it to your hard disk and then point your browser at it. It will load in a snap. You can re-visit my site from time to time and save an updated version.

Even within a single country’s listings, it is a good idea to use your browser’s Find button, since the categories are approximate: e.g., a site that lists concerts may be in the Tourism category, while the site of a particular music festival may be under Arts. For the benefit of those who do not read Nordic languages, I have tried to include English translations of some of the site titles that are not in English. Many of the sites have English-language pages available once you get there, even if I have not supplied a separate link to an English version.

Under each country or region you will find the following categories:

  • Net, Web, Post Office, Telephone, Tourism, Work
  • Language Resources
  • Arts
  • Universities, Colleges, Libraries, Pedagogy
  • Publishers, Bookstores, Books and Journals
  • Other Media: Newspapers, Radio, TV
  • Government and NGOs
  • Genealogy (Roots) (This appears only for some countries)

Please note the following details about the organization of the page:

  • Viking links are under “Whole Nordic Region.”
  • Electronic Texts: Collections are considered libraries and therefore appear under “Universities, Colleges, Libraries, Pedagogy.”
  • Electronic Texts: Exclusively literary texts are listed under “Arts.”
  • Primary and secondary schools and school systems are listed under “Government and NGOs.” However, resources for teaching often ppear under “Universities, Colleges, Libraries, Pedagogy.”
  • Business and Finance links are rarely listed separately here, but many are available through the general-information, newspaper and media sites that do appear.
  • Science, sports, cooking, pets, religion etc. are almost entirely absent; they can be found more readily by searches for sites devoted to their fields.

If you discover a dead link or one whose URL has changed, or you would like to suggest additions, deletions, or changes of placement, please send me e-mail:

roger (at) chass (dot) utoronto (dot) ca (Roger Greenwald)

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