Winter 2015-2016

Editors’ Shelf

Rosanna Warren recommends Roger Greenwald’s new collection of poems, Slow Mountain Train: “Greenwald is well known as a translator of poetry (and some fiction) from Norwegian and Swedish. His own poems translate an inner life intensely responsive to outer realities (the mystery of other people, landscapes...) and to minute actions of language. His style is cool, clear, ascetic, suggestive, and subtle in rhythm and syntax. ‘Why are the dead close and the living distant?’ (‘The Milky Way. Big and Beautiful’). ‘I’m living between the cemeteries.’ (‘Swallows (Uppsala)’). ‘We separated in the silences, narrow ones / as in pen knife, between pen and knife...’ (‘Nocturne No. 2’). He sounds like no one else.”
(Tiger Bark Press, 2015)


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